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Rachel Anon
Hi, I'm an Aussie and I love to write. Try to get me to draw something and I make cave paintings look like the Mona Lisa, but I've always loved reading and I get these scenes and stories stuck in my head until I write them down. So now I put them on here and hope for the best.

P.S: I always read comments, even if I don't always reply. You took the time to write it so I take the time to read it.
P.P.S: If you can't find a part of one of my stories please check here as well:



Sorry for not uploading last month. My PC carked it a few days before the end of the month, taking the next 2 chapters from 'Nothing Worth Having', 2 stories from TT writers block and something else I can't really remember off the top of my head. Anyway, I'm working to write them again inbetween shifts at work and classes starting back up again, so I hope to upload something soon.

Title: Part 19- Back Where it All Began

Author: rle3630
Game/Show: Teen Titans
Characters/Pairing: Raven and Beast Boy
Disclaimer: Mature Themes (language and). I do not own Teen Titans or anything from the DC Universe.


Raven hugged herself as she looked out onto the calm blue water of the lake surrounding the Tower and her favourite spot, a rocky outcrop she had always thought of as their spot since the ‘Beast incident’. She shivered as a light breeze rushed through her, rustling her hair and chilling her through her purple shorts and sweatshirt as she looked down at her impractical bunny slippers. Vic had given them to her on her 20th birthday, a small gag gift to go along with the Teams bigger gift. Needless to say the bunnies were green, much to BB’s annoyance. After the club, she had teleported to the apartment to change out of her clothes that had smelt like him. Trying to sleep hadn’t been an options so she had gone to one of the few places where she felt safe. Home. She heard movement behind her and sighed as she was suddenly engulfed in warmth as BB put his leather jacket around her shoulders. Rae closed her eyes as she burrowed into the warmth and soaked in his scent. She didn’t really comprehend how much she had missed him during her self-imposed exile until he was in front of her and she had the chance to drink him in and suddenly felt like she was home.

She had been wrong. Her safe place had stopped being the Tower years ago. Now it was a person, not a place. It was him.

Rae pushed aside those thoughts as she partially turned to face him. She hoped they could now talk it out and get on as friends without the messy emotions getting in the way. Good luck with that! Raven ignored her emoticlones as they chorused as one inside her head.

“I thought you might come here.” They both sat in silence as they looked out at the view they had shared so many times before. Uncomplicated times where they had just sat here like they did now. Others times they had used it as their place to air grievances with each other, the Team or the world in general without having to worry about the others interrupting them.

“I think we should probably have this out once and for all.” BB started, not looking at her. “I know it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but…” Rae was cut off by BB’s humourless chuckle. “That’s an understatement.” He muttered. He rubbed the back of his neck before he continued. “You have to understand, Rae. You’ve had most of the information from the start, I’m still playing catching up here. We went from best friends, to a night spent together in a hotel room that only one of us remembered, to Terra coming back into our lives and the pair of us starting up again, then you realise our night resulted in a pregnancy which again only one of us knew about, then a trap that ended in you miscarrying. Followed by questions on ‘who’s the father’, ‘why did Rae suddenly lose control of her powers’ and ‘where the fuck is she and why isn’t she coming home?’. Then I finally get some of the information, more than I was ready to handle honestly, and one of the only people who can give me some straight answers is nowhere to be found.”

Rae shifted deeper into his jacket, seeking comfort in his scent as he leaned forward and gripped his head in both hands. She wanted so badly to reach out and run her fingers through his hair, to comfort him, but she knew that that path lead only to pain when he eventually came to his senses and pushed her away.

“I think we need to talk this out from the beginning or I’m not sure how our friendship is going to survive.” His hands slid down the back of his head and gripped the back of his neck again, his muscles distracting her for a moment as they stretched his faded purple t-shirt. If they had to have this conversation, did he have to be so…hot?! Trying to repress her emotions was hard enough without adding his pheromones to the mix. “Where do you think we should start?”

He tilted his head to look her in the eyes. “Let’s start with that night. I’ve remembered a lot from then, but I admit that some things are still a little hazy. I remember you helping me to my room, and us making it inside. The next thing I remember is us in bed doing things I’m definitely never gonna forget again. How did we get from A to B?” Rae blushed as she turned her head away. Did he have to start off with that? She took a deep breath and started to fill in the blanks. He listened to her in silence, only interrupting to clarify this or that. She had to admit it was somewhat of a relief to get it all out in the open. She had told Vic and Kori, but telling the man himself was a little different. He at least had the decency to look ashamed when they got to the part where he called her Terra. “I’m sorry Rae. I know it doesn’t really mean much now, but when we were…I knew it was you. It was just in the moment between being asleep and awake my nose overruled my brain. I said something that hurt you and I’m sorry.” Rae didn’t realise until then but it was a relief to think he hadn’t been thinking of someone else when they created their child. If he wasn’t lying to spare her feelings.

“It’s ok Beast Boy, you don’t need to. I understand.” BB frowned at her. “So I reach for you and call you…her name, you get upset like you had every right to do. And…what happened next?” Rae told him about sneaking into the bathroom, her stealthy search of the room for her clothing, which he could apparently relate to, and her teleporting home with a false story to Vic about an assignment needing to be done. She told him what she did with the remaining body wash, which got a laugh out of him, and the morning after pill, which was met with a grim silence. She skipped the hot shower and luffa incident deciding that some things should go unsaid especially if she wanted to keep him as a friend after this. And she did.

“Then Terra came back, you two started up where you left off and now here we are.” BB gave her a long look, waiting for her to continue. When she stayed silent he didn’t let it go. “I think you missed a giant part in the middle there Rae.” She shifted, causing a new wave of his scent to fill her senses. She was tempted to give the black leather jacket back but it was like a security blanket for her, it gave her strength to have this conversation with him. “I avoided being too near to you. I was worried that you’d get a whiff of my scent and it would dislodge whatever was blocking your memories. It hurt that you didn’t remember but I knew it would be worse if you felt awkward around me over a drunk one-nighter. Then I stumbled across you and Terra counting each other’s fillings with your tongues and it just confirmed for me that the best decision was to stay silent. You had another chance to have a relationship with the woman you loved and I wasn’t going to damage that because we got drunk and had sex. A few months went by and I started to feel a sick when I smelt certain scents, like coffee when I was having lunch with Garth. If he hadn’t pushed me to see a doctor. I’m not sure how far along I would have been before I would have noticed myself. My powers have usually helped me heal myself and anything too big for me to handle myself I had the med-bay to help heal me. After I found out, I was determined not to tell you.” She held up her hand when he was about to say something in protest.

“Let me get this out, or I might never get the courage to tell you the whole truth again. When I found out I was pregnant, after the shock wore off, I was…terrified. Here I was; a pregnant superhero all alone with a baby on the way and no family outside our Team. I knew if I told you about the baby being yours, you’d do what you would see as the ‘right thing’ and I didn’t want that for you or our child. You and Terra were happy and I didn’t want to ruin it for you and I didn’t want our child to blame itself in the future for you not being able to be with the woman you loved. I was telling you the truth when I said I wasn’t built for traditional relationships. I’m half-demon, my emotions cause my powers to become unstable, and I killed our baby. Anything other than a strictly physical relationship is completely out of the…”

Rae stopped talking when she realised BB was staring at her with his mouth open. “How could you possibly think that?” She looked at him, perplexed. His reaction to her future ‘relationships’ was more than slightly confusing. “Why? You know how much it hurts when relationships go bad so it can’t be that surprising that I’d forgo it all together for a friends with benefits arrangement.” His jaw snapped shut, and she could swear she could hear him growling under his breath.

“Not that. How could you think that you killed our child?” Rae wrapped his jacket more firmly around her. “We’re getting off topic here. We were discussing how when I found out I was pregnant and decided not telling you was the best course of action for everyone.” She definitely heard him growl this time. “You didn’t think I should get a say in what kind of role I played in our child’s life? And explain why you think you are responsible for our child’s death.”

“Actually we’re at the part where I decided that if I was going to keep the baby, I’d have to quit the Titans.” Raven leaned back as he shot up. “You WHAT?!” She refused to flinch as he towered over her, his breath coming out in short pants as he started to run his hands through his hair as he paced back and forth across the roof. “I decided that I couldn’t keep running into danger when there was someone who relied on me solely for support. A plan I should have put into motion a lot sooner. It wouldn’t have been right to not be a Titan and still take up a room in the Tower so I was considering renting an apartment in the city where I could raise my child and still be close enough to see the team whenever I could.” BB was still pacing; Rae was actually a little worried he’d start pulling his hair out so she continued.

“It was after Wally’s 21st that I decided that I wasn’t being fair and that I had to tell you. I tried but I just couldn’t get past the point you just made: the baby was yours too and you should have a say in how he or she would be raised. And there was every likelihood that it would favour you in either appearance or powers and how would I explain that away? There aren’t many green people who can change into animals on Earth. I was trying to figure out how to tell you when… Slade captured us, set up his own sick little loyalty experiment, I killed our baby, ended up in hospital, came home, was steadily poisoned with fear serum which caused my powers to go wonky and gave me nightmares. Which led to me almost destroying the Tower and my family along with it and then I ran. Now here I am; back where I started 8 months after the fact with a psycho after me. That’s about it, Beast Boy, anything I missed?”


Just one or two things. BB was having trouble trying to wrap his mind around all the information being thrown at him at once. Too. Much. Information. Brain. CRASHING! BB ignored the voice in his head. He decided to start with the least painful first. “Terra isn’t around anymore; you don’t have to keep calling me ‘Beast Boy’.” It was something in the way her gaze shot to his and then darted away that made him think it might not have been Terra’s presence that had made her drop his nickname. “What are you talking about, I’ve always called you Beast Boy.” Lie. BB didn’t need the Beast to tell him that, but either way he had to figure out what was going on and what Rae thought she had to hide from him. Didn’t she know she could tell him anything? Thinking back over their recent history he realised their relationship was slightly more one-sided than he had realised. Sure, he had done everything he could to help her through the ‘Malchior Incident’ but since then he had been the one to rely on her more than she relied on him. That stopped now.

“No you haven’t, you know that. You started calling me BB after Terra came back and, to be honest, it kind of bugged me. You are the only person who ever calls me Gar, then all of a sudden you started calling me BB instead. Dick said it might be because Terra didn’t know my birth name but something tells me that isn’t exactly the case, is it?” He knew by the way she refused to meet his gaze and looked out over the city at the setting sun that he had hit a nerve. But which one? He continued to stare at her, willing her to tell him why she had dropped the endearment which had been solely hers. She sighed and rubbed between her eyebrows. BB had to stop himself from wrapping her in his arms until she felt better. He played with frayed strands of fabric near the strategically placed hole in the knee of his jeans, waiting for her to speak. “I didn’t want you to remember.” His gaze clashed with hers, her violet eyes saying more than she probably realised. “What do you mean?”

She looked back at the sunset. “When we were…together that night, I didn’t call you Beast Boy or BB I called you Gar and I didn’t want you to remember so I stopped using the nickname. That and it seemed weird to call you Gar when you were with Terra. It felt wrong.” BB went through his fractured memories of that night and agreed she had definitely said Gar a number of times, and Garfield. “You’re right. When I started to remember, I realised that it couldn’t have been Terra because she always calls me BB. She wouldn’t know to call me Gar or Garfield, almost no-one does except Rita and you.” BB looked at her and realised how pretty she was when she blushed. “I know.” He forced his mind away from the many ways he could probably make her blush and tried to focus on what she had said. “You know what?” If possible, her face went even redder. “The whole team knows she calls you BB when you were… You really need to check to make sure you’ve closed your door properly if you’re going to get that loud again.”

It took a minute for her words to sink in but when they did she wasn’t the only one who was blushing. Sex-talk with the guys was one thing. Discussing the sex-life you had with your ex with the woman you desperately wanted to be the only one from now on was very different. “Oh.” Rae snickered and he was so happy to hear the sound his heart almost beat out of his chest. It was the first time since she came back when he could actually imagine they could be ok after this. It gave him the courage to keep pushing.

“Why do you think you killed our baby?” Rae’s small smile dropped from her face and she curled into his jacket as if to protect herself. When she didn’t answer, BB decided to push a bit harder. As afraid as he was of her running again, having her say something like that and seemingly believing it completely was something he couldn’t let go. “Rae, I can’t imagine what you must have gone through when you found out you were pregnant. But I know you. There is almost nothing you wouldn’t do to protect the people you care about, and our baby was lucky enough to be one of those people. Slade put you in an impossible situation; he made you choose between the life you had and people that you called family, and the life we both know you have always wanted deep down. Slade killed our baby, not you, and if I had to make the choice you did I would have done the same thing.” BB put his left index finger under her chin and lifted her face so he could look her in the eyes and make sure she listened to every word he was saying. It almost broke him when he saw the unshed tears clinging to her lower lashes. He brushed his thumb over her cheek and gave her a small smile. An idea suddenly struck him and he pulled out the chain that hadn’t left his possession since he had gotten it back from the hotel.


Raven gasped as she realised he was holding her anklet. “I thought I had lost it…” She stopped talking when he gave her his crooked grin. “I told you, the hotel sent it back to me. Though I think it wants to be back where it belongs.” Gar pulled off her left bunny slipper and gently wrapped the delicate chain around her ankle and secured it in place. Rae’s breath sped up when he didn’t remove his hand, instead making a slow warm path up her calf. She stifled the annoyed twinge when he pulled his hand away to reach into his pocket. “And, I thought this might be a good time to give you your birthday present.” Rae looked at him, puzzled. “My birthday was months ago, and you didn’t need to get me…” Rae gasped as he pulled a dark blue jewellery box out of his pocket and opened it for her. Nestled on the pale cream casing was a silver heart half the size of her thumb. On the front was a compass rose surrounded by swirls. Gar picked up the locket, put down the box and moved behind Rae on her perch so he could put the necklace on her himself. Rae tried to blame the breeze for the shiver that went through her when he moved her hair out of the way and clicked the locket in place. She picked up the locket and opened it. She smiled at the miniature photo of her family, all 5 of them on the couch in the Tower celebrating Dick’s 21st if memory served. They had had to cut the party short when Mumbo Jumbo had tried to make the money in Jump City Bank disappear. The photo was of all of them slightly beat-up and smiling over another victory.

“I wanted to give you something so that if you decide you want to leave after this is all over, you’ll always have a part of us with you.” Rae’s smile grew bigger. “Corny, but sweet. Typical you Gar.” He chuckled against her neck as he wrapped his arms around her. They sat like that for a few minutes, just looking out at the lake. Rae had almost drifted to sleep in his arms when a loud chorus of beeps caused Gar to curse under his breath. “Every time.” Rae giggled as Gar opened his communicator to show Dick. “Where did you two disappear to? I made excuses for you to your friends Rae, but Tamsin said you owe her one.” Rae cringed when she remembered why they had been at the club in the first place. “Sorry Dick, I got… who’s causing trouble this time?” Dick gave them a small smirk but continued without commenting. Yet. “Control Freak is wreaking havoc at the Megaplex, and he has Dr.Light as back-up. It’s going to take the four of us to take them both down. Rae, since BB’s communicator says you’re at the Tower, Titans East will be on bodyguard duty tonight. Is that alright with you?” Rae nodded, a little sad that they had seamlessly moved into a foursome without her. “I’ll suit up and meet you there. Beast Boy out.” Gar hung up and looked at her. “We haven’t finished our talk.” Rae smiled at him, pulling his jacket closer around her. “The city comes first.” She stood and moved towards the tower as Gar morphed into a hawk to fly up to his room and change.




“OK, who’s up for ‘It Came From Down Below’?” Speedy held up the dvd and held a bowl of butter popcorn close to his side as he moved into the com-room. “Again? Really? Isn’t there any other movie we can watch, or will it damage your delicate manliness to watch something else?” Bumble Bee complained from the couch as Speedy dropped down near her, setting the bowl between them. “I’m up for anything as long as it isn’t ‘Jaws’ again. I’m sick of being asked “Do you know that fish? How ‘bout that one?” Aqualad stated from where he was sitting on the ground near the coffee table. Choosing seating positions sometimes got brutal when you were a part of Titans East so he wisely stayed out of the ruckus. “What do you think Raven? You’re more or less the senior titan here, what do you want to watch?” Rae’s head shot up as she re-joined the conversation. She had been lost in thought as she gazed at the locket he had bought her. “I’m sorry, what?” Bee smiled as she exchanged a look with Speedy. “Give the girl a break, she’s got a new shiny to admire. I vote for Shawshank.” Rae ignored Bee’s digs and looked around her old home. She hadn’t been back here since she came back to the city. It hadn’t really changed much even with her impromptu renovations. Looking around, Rae noticed that not all of Titans East were present. “Where are the twins?” Bee glared at Speedy before answering. “They’ve started to take after horn-boy and probably won’t be back until 2am at the earliest. Those two have found a new appreciation for partying since he took them under his wing.” Speedy held up his hands in surrender. “They’re young, they deserve to live a little. Plus, this isn’t our town so it adds a bit of anonymity. We all deserve to let off some steam every once in a while.” Aqualad shook his head as he put the horror dvd into the disc drive. Rae floated over next to Bee, levitating the popcorn into her lap in the process. “Seniority” she said when Speedy complained. They all settled in to watch the movie, not taking any notice when their eyelids began to feel heavy and they all fell asleep.



Control Freak was calling out his usual “You haven’t seen the last of me!” threats as the police bundled both him and Dr.Light into the back of one of their vans to transport them to lockup. “Another night, another bad guy crashing our party.” Cy sighed as they watched the van disappear into the distance. BB wasn’t really listening as he checked his phone for any texts. “Looking for something in particular?” BB quickly put his phone away at Nightwings question. Instead of prying further, NW just smirked and headed over to the car where Cy was waiting. “Friend Beast Boy, may I enquire whether the gift you asked my assistance in purchasing was well received?” Going over her question again, putting a Starfire to English filter on it BB smiled and nodded at the alien who managed to squeal, fly upwards and spin in mid-air all at once. “Glorious! My heart is lighter knowing you and she have made a step forward in your relationship.” BB just kept smiling as he avoided his other friends questioning looks and got in the car so they could all go back to the Tower. Deciding to use his time on the car ride back to the Tower effectively, BB decided to call Raven. Make the first move. He unlocked his phone and dialled her number. He watched the city speed by as the phone continued to ring. When it rang off the first time he shrugged and dialled again. When it happened the third time he started to worry. When it happened the 5th time he was in full-on panic mode. “Guys, I can get a hold of Raven. Something’s wrong.” Cy looked at him in the rear-view mirror. “You sure she’s just not avoiding you?” BB shook his head. “No, we were talking together when the alarm went off. We were good. Better than good actually, but either way she would have answered just to tell me to get fucked. I’m telling you something doesn’t feel right.” Dick didn’t say anything, just motioned for Cy to go faster as the Tower came into view as they rounded the bend to their secret entrance to their island.

Not able to sit still, BB tapped his foot incessantly as Cy drown down the dimly lit tunnel under the lake that very few people knew about. Coming to the garage under the Tower where they stored all their mission and everyday vehicles, BB didn’t let the car come to a stop before he rushed out of his seat and hammered the elevator button. “Friend, I’m sure she merely had her phone on silent while she rests.” Star’s hand came to rest on his shoulder, but BB was too keyed up to take any comfort from it. The elevator doors just started to open as he quickly slipped inside and almost broke the button to take them up to the com-room. He ignored the worried looks his friends gave him as the elevator ascended, far too slowly for BB’s nerves.

The elevator wooshed to a stop and BB was the first one out the door. He nearly ran to the com-room and took in the familiar scene before him. The Titans East Team, minus the twins, were all asleep of the dvd menu for ‘It Came From Down Below’ playing on a loop on the TV. The only evidence that something wasn’t right was the fact that none of the sleepers woke up when Dick flipped the lights on. Puzzled, Cy gently started to shake Bee’s arm, before a look of panic crossed his face and he started to shake her harder. BB realised they weren’t asleep; they were knocked-out. He did a quick visual sweep before giving up and running through the rest of the Tower as a cheetah in search of the mysterious beauty that had been in the other Teams care. He had just completed a full sweep of the Tower and come up with no sign of her when he retreated back to the com-room where Cy had managed to wake up the others. “What the hell is going on? Why do I feel like that time I went to Mexico with…never mind.” Speedy groaned as he held his head in his hands. “Where is she?” BB stood in front of them, trying hard to stop his hands from shaking as he looked from one confused face to the next. “Where’s who BB?” Bee asked as Cy scanned her using the medical scanner built into his arm. “Where’s Raven? You know, the woman you were supposed to be guarding when you all decided it was nap time?!” Titans East looked at each other and then at him. “Nap? What are you talking about? You’ve only been gone 5 minutes. Did you guys forget something or…?” Cy looked worried as his scanner beeped. “We’ve been gone for nearly two hours, Bee. And according to this there is Propofal in all your systems, which would explain the memory loss and why you were unconscious when we got back, but not how it got into your systems in the first place.” Now that Cy mentioned it, BB was starting to feel a little drowsy himself, and so was Dick if his slight swaying was any indication.

“This doesn’t…tell us..wheeere…Raaaaven…” BB struggled to keep his eyes open but he knew something was wrong. “Friend? What is happening to you? Cyborg, I think Beast Boy and Nightwing are also being effected! Cyborg?!” A sudden large crash made BB’s eyes’ shoot open as Star blew a large hole in one of the windows facing the bay. “Star? I don’t know what...” Dick put on his re-breather and moved shakily towards one of the terminals along the wall and brought up a few screens. A large whooshing sound later and suddenly BB’s head felt a lot clearer. Dick took the re-breather out of his mouth and faced his confused teammates. “Someone pumped the room full of Propofal to knock you out, probably so they could take Raven with the least amount of fuss. Now that I’ve sucked all of the contaminated air out, we should be ok. What I still can’t figure out is who is doing this or why?”

“Maybe I can answer those questions for you.” They all turned as one to face the large screen taking up a large window panel in the middle of the T. BB tried to repress the animalistic growl reverberating in his chest as Star gasped behind him. A hooded figure stood behind an altar. On the alter was an unconscious but seemingly unharmed Raven. The figure pulled back his hood and smiled at them. BB let loose the growl and took a step towards the screen as he heard Cy mutter behind him.

“Well crap.”


Part 19- Back Where it All Began
Whew...just scrapped in under the wire. I said I'd upload this part on the 27th and I did (for some of the world anyway). Not sure really what else to say. Sorry about the cliffhanger, I can't seem to able to help myself.
As always, enjoy and feel free to comment Heart .

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Title: Part 18- Best Laid Plans

Author: rle3630
Game/Show: Teen Titans
Characters/Pairing: Raven and Beast Boy
Disclaimer: Mature Themes (coarse language and sexual themes). I do not own Teen Titans or anything from the DC Universe.


Raven sat in a lotus position hovering just above the purple blanket covering her bed trying to block out the emotions of the other people in the apartment building. This was one of the main reasons she had been so happy when the Team had taken up residence on their own island; she still had to contend with her teammates emotions when her shields weakened but it was better than being bombarded with the emotions of 20+ people all at once. A soft knock brought her away from the swirl of other people’s emotions and back to reality. “Come in, Vic.” Rae called out to her visitor, his metal against wood knock giving away his identity. She brought her shields back up as he entered the room. “Just wanted to check in. Dick and Star have already left for the Tower and BB is on patrol with Speedy, so it’s just us tonight” Rae waited for her big brother to continue, she could almost feel his need to ask her something it was so palpable. When he just continued to lean in her doorway, keeping the wall upright with his not-so insignificant robot bulk, Rae decided to poke him a little. “Was there something specific you want to discuss or should I just start making meaningless observations about nimbus cloud formations?” Vic looked puzzled before he apparently got the joke and smiled at her. “I get it, don’t start talking about the weather.” Vic moved through the doorway, shutting the door behind him and sat on the end of her bed, being careful to still give her some space.

Rae wasn’t sure if her friends new need to keep a physical distance from her was them trying to be considerate of her or because they were afraid of getting too close to her. She had always known a day would come when her family would realise how dangerous she truly was. What she hadn’t fully considered was how much their possible fear would sting. She was sorely tempted to let her walls down a little and get a gage on Vic’s emotions, but she knew it would be like reading someone’s diary without telling them; a complete breach of privacy. As much as she would like to know one way or the other, she felt the trust between her and her friends was fragile enough that it might break if she did something so selfish.

“I just wanted to clear some things up. With everything going on, we haven’t really had a chance to…talk since you got back.” Oh hell. Vic pausing before saying ‘talk’ usually meant she was in for a big brother to little sister lecture; like the one about Aqualads’ visits to her room in the middle of the night, or her tendency to withdraw into her shell when her emotions got too overwhelming. Rae lowered herself onto her bed and braced herself for Vic’s ‘meant to be kind but usually disapproving’ lecture. “I think I know the answer to this question but I still feel I need to ask.” Rae waited for him to continue, noting his seemingly uneasy state with mild alarm. This can’t be good.

“Are you in love with Beast Boy?”

Rae let the silence hang in the room as she contemplated her reply and tried hard not to let her powers run amok and destroy everything in sight. Remembering what Dick said about the best defence was a good offence she decided to try their leaders most annoying tendency in situations such as this. “That’s rather sudden isn’t it? Are you sure you shouldn’t have eased into that question a little more? Or, you know, at all?” Vic crossed his arms and stared her in the eyes, apparently not going along with her pathetic attempt to stall. Realising answering a question with a question wasn’t working, the best way to get through this conversation with the least amount of pain and embarrassment might just be to push through it no matter how awkward that might turn out to be. She gave in and decided to be direct. When are you ever anything else? “Quite you.” Rae blushed as Vic raised his eyebrow, realising she had spoken the reprimand out loud. “Not you, Vic. The voices in my head are being vocal today, no need to be alarmed.” When Vic just kept staring at her she folded. “Why is this such a big thing all of a sudden? Whatever I may or may not feel for the green idiot, nothing can ever come from it. We’re too different. Terra might have been a back-stabbing bitch but she was a much better fit for Gar than I could ever be. He needs someone who’s fun-loving and kind and outgoing and sweet and goofy and a hell of a lot of other things I’m not. Wanting anything more than we already have is foolish and will only lead to pain. And when it ends, which we both know would happen eventually, I would have to watch the precession of women that would follow as he attempted to get over me or until he found one he liked enough for him to keep which could possibly be worse. Ending it now before it could damage the Team or either of us is the best way to go for everyone concerned.”

Rae couldn’t look Vic in the eye, knowing that he was probably waring between being Gar’s best bro and her brother. “Raven, I know that you have trouble with emotions…” He glared at her when she snorted. “But I don’t want you to look up one day and realise that while you’ve been doing your ‘He deserves better’ martyr routine, the guy you’ve been in love with for years has moved on without you. No matter what you think you and green beans differences are what make you great together. I’ve never seen anyone bring you out of your shell like he does, he’s always been the one to badger you into spending more time outside your room. And you may say you’re not good for him but he’s a lot more settled around you, less hyper than he was when he was a kid and you always listen to him even when he’s annoying the hell out of you and you show him a different way to think about things. You round each other out in a way that no-one else can. You trust each other and respect each other’s opinions, to a degree, and it shows. Now if you can get out of your own damn way and admit that you love each other then you two can start making us all uncomfortable with P.D.A’s like Dick and Star.” Rae ignored her emoticlones cheers of agreement. “I’m not being a martyr Vic. Yes, I love him and there’s nothing I want more than to be able to run into his arms and never let him go.” Raven took a deep shuddering breath as she pushed the images of doing just that out of her mind and braced herself against the ache in her chest that accompanied it. “But too much has happened and I wouldn’t know whether or not it was guilt driving his actions. I just think that he deserves to be with someone who he can be happy with, not someone who has to watch every little thought and feeling in case it causes their powers to go feral and make something explode.”

Vic gave her a small, sad smile. “Shouldn’t he decide for himself whether or not he wants to be with you?” ‘…don’t you dare decide for her what she wants. You may think she deserves better but she wants you.’ Her earlier words to Dick struck her suddenly and she realised how similar their situations were. Well not exactly; Dick and Star were clearly meant to be together and anyone could see that they loved each other. “You’re thinking about what you said to Dick, aren’t you?” Raven’s gaze shot to his as he gave her a knowing smirk. “BB and I heard you chewing him out. I think it was the final kick in the ass he needed. Dick has always had certain ideas on what it takes to be a hero and he was never very good at making them line up with the kind of life he wanted in the everyday. I really hope it isn’t too late for them, they both deserve to be happy.” He gave her a stern look. “So do other people I know.” With his final parting shot, he left Raven to her thoughts. And the annoying realisation that she had finally admitted the truth to someone other than her emoticlones. I love him. “Well, crap.”


The next afternoon Rae was sitting on the couch again re-reading a copy of Icemark she had found in one of the many shelves in the library. Whoever owned the place must be an avid reader, they had books on everything from zoology textbooks to tomes on the occult, some she hadn’t even heard of before. She ducked lower into the couch when she heard voices and the front door opened. Peaking over the top of the couch she saw a giggling Star pull a smiling Dick down for a kiss that was anything but brief as they leaned against the now closed door. Ignoring the similarities to a scene she had tried to forget, Raven coughed loudly to let the couple know they weren’t alone. It took 3 coughs before the pair came up for air and face Rae out of breath and blushing bright red. “Raven, we didn’t realise…I mean we didn’t think anyone…well, what are you doing up so early?” Raven tried to hide her smirk as she looked at the clock on the wall and outside to the sun high in the sky before looking back at her friends with eyebrow raised. “Right, well. *cough* anyway, the background checks on your friends came in and they check out. If they still want to meet up with you, tell them you’ll meet them at Oblivion tonight at 10pm. The bouncer will have their names and since it’s owned by Green Arrow and a known superhero club, it should be a safe place to meet them.”

“Why tonight?” Rae asked, noting how the redhead nearly bounced in place with excitement. Oh, this can’t be good. “It wasn’t my idea.” Rae took a deep breath in at Dicks’ admission and braced herself for the verbal explosion that seemed imminent with the feeling of joy and anxiety coming through her shields from the alien girl. “Friend Raven, you have been away for many month, and many of your friends and fellow superheros have missed you dearly. When someone” Star glared at Dick when he muttered Hairboy, “let it loose that you were not only back but in town and also in danger, it was decided that a small gathering was necessary to talk tactics to ensure that you were fully protected while also allowing those who missed you to see you and interact with you.” Rae rolled her eyes and moved to sit on the couches arm rest. “What you mean is Roy blabbed that I was back in town and the others want to use it as an excuse to party. Am I right?”

Star floated over to Rae and took her friends hands in her own. “It is not an excuse. I, as well as many others, wish to celebrate the return of someone we call friend. Roy never needs something as silly as an excuse to party. We all just missed you, friend. And now you have returned we wish to mark the occasion with music and revelry!” Rae looked between her excited friend to her fiancé who was trying very hard not to laugh while putting away the groceries he and Star had picked up on the way over. “There’s no way to get out of this is there?” Rae asked, her face and tone deadpanned. Star squealed and engulfed Raven in a nearly crushing hug, taking her statement as acceptance. “Oh friend, it shall be a wonderful night of dancing and joyous music!” Dick smiled at her “Weren’t you the one that how ‘enjoyable’ the pounding music and blinding lights were on your first time in a club?” Star released Raven and pouted. “It was something that I had yet to grow accustomed to. On Tamaran, when my people made such noises it was to mark the start of a battle, not a way to enjoy each other’s company. Since coming to Earth I have learnt to accept such events as a normal part of human to human interaction.” Rae sighed, very much wanting to point out that it was only a ‘normal part of interaction’ to some humans, not all. Then again neither woman really classified as ‘normal’ even for their own races. “Does that mean…” Star turned back to Rae smiling a nearly blinding smile, never a good sign. “Yes! We shall be doing the make-overs and having the ‘girl-talk’ as we prepare ourselves for the nights’ festivities. But first, we must go SHOPPING!!” Rae’s protests about safety and people trying to find and kill her (which she might actually prefer to a shopping trip with a newly re-invigorated in love Starfire) as Star more or less dragged her out the door past her smirking fiancé, who she quickly went back to and smooched before pushing Rae through the door.




BB paced in the living room and checked the clock for the fourth time in the last 15 minutes and fiddled with the chain in his pocket. How long does it possibly take to get ready? One side of him argued that it wasn’t even time for them to leave yet and they had 20 minutes before they were actually late. The other side, mainly the Beast, argued that it was far too long since he had seen Raven and ensured that she was still unharmed. Hearing movement on the stairs, he quietened both voices as he turned to greet his companions for the night. Dick was in his usual nondescript black attire, with mask, the only piece of colour was a blue tie with a NW on the end. Vic was wearing his holo-ring that turned him back into the pre-car crash version of himself so he’s be able to blend into the crowd and keep an eye on Raven without drawing attention to himself. He wore a similar get up as Dick, but he wore a dark blue shirt and black tie. BB looked down at him black strategically town jeans, black high-tops, faded purple t-shirt and black leather jacket and wondered if he was underdressed. Dick fiddled with his cuffs before he went to the bottom of the stairs to help his fiancé down the final few steps. Even though she had more or less mastered the art of walking in high heels, Dick was still protective of Star, probably more so tonight when she was wearing 4 inch heels that made her the same height as him. She wore a knee-length long sleeved black dress that was a lot more modest than what she usually wore. Not that what she usually wore was all that flashy, but she trained hard and was never shy about how amazing she looked. BB looked at Dick for his reaction and saw that he seemed as puzzled about Star’s wardrobe choice as he was. Looking around and realising Rae still hadn’t joined him, he started to worry. When the bubbly fashionista Starfire beat Raven down to leave for a party, something was wrong. “Where’s Rae?” The others just looked at each other and shrugged. “I hope she is not unwell; she was so looking forward to seeing her African friends again.” She turned to go up to the stairs again and BB stifled a chuckle when he realised her dress was backless. BB watched as Cy had a similar reaction as he watched Dick’s jaw drop when he noticed. Hearing the subdued laughter, Star looked over her shoulder at her friends and BB saw the small cat like smile that graced her face as she noticed how her outfit had impacted her fiancé. “Is something wrong Dick?” Star came back down the stairs and stood in front of Dick who had only just managed to pick his jaw off the floor as Star pretended innocence.

Leaving Star to torment Dick as Cy basked in the embarrassment of their fearless leader, BB went up the stairs to find out what was taking Rae so long. He listened at her door, hearing a thump and cursing when he knocked. “Kori, will you get in here already!” BB slowly opened the door with his eyes covered in case she wasn’t fully dressed. “Beast Boy?! I thought you were…never mind, could you help me with this zipper?”  BB uncovered his eyes and looked around the room. Since moving in, Rae had really made it her own. Thick tomes and unidentifiable objects littered most available surfaces and clothes were strewn across everything else. In fact, it looked like a somewhat neater version of his old room, though it smelt way better. His eyes finally came to rest on the rooms occupant as she stood in front of the full length mirror in the corner, watching him in its reflection. She wore a dress which had a black lase top and a black silk skirt that went down to her knees. Unlike the 4-inch killer heels Star wore, Rae wore dark purple ballet flats. “Ahem.” BB’s gaze shot up from where they had been glued to her long legs and clashed with violet eyes. BB smiled at Rae’s little smirk of satisfaction. Apparently Star wasn’t the only who liked having an effect on the men around her. Raven pulled her shoulder length purple wavy hair out of the way so BB could see the zip she needed help with. He stopped just before he reached her, his gaze only briefly leaving hers when she turned to face him. “Is something wrong?” Such a simple question, and he didn’t really have a simple answer to give.

“I love you.” Well, that’s one way to tell her. He’d said it. He’d finally said it. Outside his head. With someone else in the room. With her in the room. He’d said it to her.

To Raven.

It had felt like it was trying to claw its way out of him and the only way to survive was to give it what it wanted. Freedom. After he said it, he felt a small weight lift from his chest. So he said it again, louder so she couldn’t pretend she hadn’t heard him.

“I love you, Raven.”

Raven just looked at him, not saying a word. BB shifted on the balls of his feet and waited for her to say something. Anything.

“Vic told you, didn’t he?” BB was taken aback and a little confused. OK a lot confused. “What does Cy have to do with this?” Raven rolled her eyes, crossed her arms and glared at him. “If you want me to believe that this sudden outburst isn’t the result of Vic telling you that I was in love with you, then you’ll have to try a hell of a lot harder than that!”

What. The. FUCK?! BB’s mind was torn between warring sides. One was doing a little happy dance because Raven loved him. She had just admitted, out loud, without threats of torture, that she loved him. Beast Boy. The boy/man she had insulted and teased on numerous occasions since they met each other. Not that it had ever bothered him all that much. I mean it was Raven, that’s just how she was and it was kind of their thing. With everyone else she was always so calm and somewhat detached. But with him she let her walls down a little. AND SHE LOVED HIM!!

The other side was pissed. He had spent hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what to say; should he just come out and say the three little words that could possibly change his life forever, or should he ease into it, test the waters to see if she felt the same before he confessed to feeling something that could possibly get him killed, or at least sent to another dimension, if she didn’t feel the same. Now he found out that CY, his apparent best friend, had known the answer to the question that had been haunting him since he realised how he felt about the mysterious beauty and he hadn’t said ONE GODDAMN WORD!! BB tried to pull the two parts of his mind fighting for dominance when he realised that Raven was still talking.

“BB I know that all of this, us, had left you feeling really guilty, but telling me what you think I want to hear is only going to make things worse.” He couldn’t believe it. He just couldn’t believe it. Here he was pouring his heart out to her and she didn’t believe him. “I admit that hearing you say those words, even if you don’t mean them the way I wish you did, makes my heart race. But I’d rather end up the town spinster than let you force yourself to ‘take responsibility’ for something you didn’t mean to happen. We both got drunk and we both fell into bed together. It’s admirable and sweet of you to try and put most of the blame on your shoulders. One of the things I’ve always admired about you is that you always want the best for the people around you and you’ll do pretty much anything for your friends. But this isn’t a penance you have to pay, Beast Boy. I free you from any responsibility in this mess that you think you should shoulder.” Raven made a sweeping motion towards him as if clearing the air around him of something only she could see.

 “Rae, I…”

“Friends, what is taking you so long? We shall be late…am I interrupting something?” BB pulled back the hand that had automatically reached for her. Huh, it’s usually Cy who cock-blocks me. “Nothing. BB was just about to zip me up.” BB ignored the Beast growling at the back of his mind at the use of the word nothing and moved towards Rae’s turned back. He used his claw to untangle the zip from the bit of lace it was snagged on, trying to tamp down the hit of lust he got when shivered when his claw brushed her skin. When the zip reached the top, he let himself have a moment to touch her silky skin at the nape of her neck as his gaze once again clashed once again with her in the mirror. A cough from the doorway forced him to step back as Raven moved swiftly past him and Star as she moved towards the stairs. Star gave him a sad smile before she followed, leaving BB alone in the room that smelt so much like her it made him ache and his Beast purr.


BB watched from the balcony above the main club’s floor as Rae danced with the one named Patrick. It was decided beforehand that BB, Dick and Star would join Rae to meet her new friends while Cy co-ordinated the rest of the heroes in the club to make sure she was never alone without one of them present. Dick wasn’t stupid, he may have given in to Rae’s request to meet up with her friends outside the Team but he wasn’t going to lower his guard. And with Titans East and other Titan groups invited to tonight’s party, he was as positive as he could be that no-one could hurt Rae under their noses. Just to be safe, he had booked out Oblivion for the party anyway. A fact that BB was infinitely grateful for. He was here to look out for Rae, not fend off the wandering hands of club girls. As BB wondered when he had become such an old man, he watched as Rae handed of Patrick to the girl named Tamsin and went back onto the dancefloor with Jerry. As soon as he met the four people who had gained Rae’s trust while she was away, he was wary. He didn’t know if it was jealousy at them being able to befriend Rae when she was just being herself, or because there were 3 very attractive men in the group who could be classified as competition. OK, 2 if how Patrick was cuddled up to Tamsin was any indication. Rae had been dancing with Patrick the same as if it was Dick or Cy. If she danced with Dick or Cy the same way she was dancing with Jerry, BB would have flattened them, teammates of not. BB moved quickly towards the stairs, never taking his eyes off Rae as she shimmied next to the tall African-American male. He ignored the people calling out to get his attention and shook off Star when she tried to detain him. With less than a metre between them Rae apparently sensed trouble because she turned suddenly and locked-onto him as he ploughed through the crowd between them. Rae moved away from a startled Jerry, weaving her way gracefully through the club before moving out to the alley where he and Garth had talked last time.  

BB followed Rae out of the club, grabbing her hand and turning her around to face him. “What the hell is up with you?” She was not happy with him, and wasn’t shy about telling him so. “Me? What’s up with you? You tell me you love me and then turn around and start dry-humping someone else! How did you think I was going to react Rae?” Her face softened slightly before she put her mask in place. “We can never be together, Beast Boy. We’d only end up hurting each other and it’s not just us who would suffer for it, it would be the team. So we will just have to put our own wants and feelings aside for the greater good. We’re superheros, it’s kind of our thing.” BB didn’t laugh at her bad excuse for a joke. Instead he moved towards her, backing her into a shadowed spot against the wall where they couldn’t be seen by anyone passing by. “I have spent too long already pretending I don’t love you Rae. I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m tired of having to save the city over and over again and not having a little bit of happiness for myself. Where does it say that being a superhero means you can’t let anyone close?” Rae rolled her eyes at him as she tried to move past him but he wouldn’t let her. “Page one sentence one of the unofficial superhero’s handbook. No surprise you haven’t read it.” He leaned in closer as he tilted up her chin so he could look into her beautiful violet eyes. “I don’t care if the world burned around us, I refuse to let you get away again without a fight.”

“That’s not how….” BB didn’t let her finish her sentence as he pushed her completely against the wall of the alley and kissed her. She made a show of trying to push him away before she finally gave in, pulling on his neck and waist to keep him pressed against her. BB deepened the kiss, moving against her in a way that had her gasping against his mouth. He took advantage and swept his tongue into her mouth, revelling in her taste that had been haunting his dreams. As they continued to try to devour each other, BB pushed his knee between her legs causing her to moan and arch her back as he moved his mouth off hers and started nibbling down her neck to her collarbone and the neckline of her dress. He slowly began gauging what she liked and what she didn’t like by the little sounds she made in the back of her throat. Realising she was close, he watched her face as he gripped her hips and moved her up and down his thigh in a rocking rhythm. It didn’t take long before she was biting her lip to try to stop her groans as she came for him, moaning his name. He watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slowly came down from the clouds. He gently kissed her as he held her close to his chest, trying to hold in his purr of satisfaction.

He raised his head and watched the emotions flicker across her face as they just looked at each other. He was worried he had gone too far too fast, but he was relieved when she smiled at him lazily. He returned the smile and kissed her gently, trying to show her how much he loved her without words. Her next sentence stopped him cold. “I’m sorry but no matter how good you are in bed it doesn’t change anything.” BB leaned back, trying to get her to look him in the eyes. “If Dick and Kori can be together, why can’t we?”  Rae just stared at him, the look in her eyes made his heart ache. “Because monsters don’t get to live happily ever after.” Before he could correct her, she was gone in a pulse of dark energy. And he was left in the dark alley outside the club trying to figure out how to get through to her. How had their relationship gotten this broken without him realising it?

Part 18- Best Laid Plans

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Title: Part 17-Robstar
Author: rle3630

Game/Show: Teen Titans

Characters/Pairing: Raven and Beast Boy; Nightwing and Star

Disclaimer: Mature Themes. I do not own Teen Titans or anything from the DC Universe.


The next few days were spent hanging around the mystery apartment, waiting for their foe to show their hand. The others regularly went out on patrols, missions, and took shifts between the apartment and the Tower so no-one, especially their mystery villain, knew that anything was out of the ordinary. Their plan was to make it look like the cameras had been picked up on a random sweep of the Tower, which meant they had to act as if everything was normal. Which left Raven in the apartment with a rotating roster of babysitters from the team. The only ones outside the team who knew Rae was in town were Roy and Wally, who knew how to keep a secret, and Elasti-girl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Batman who really knew how to keep a secret.

Rae sighed and thumped her head onto the back of the couch. She never knew she could actually get bored of reading. She had always had a passion for books, but not being able to go out or do anything was making her a little stir-crazy. A soft beeping sound drew her attention to her new phone. She smiled as she turned over the flat purple device and realised she had gotten a text from one of her friends from Africa.

While she had been travelling through the beautiful and wild country she had met up with a group of students doing relief work for a few weeks during summer vacation. She had met the four of them in a remote village where they had been digging wells to bring fresh water to the village, saving the villagers the hours walk to the nearest river.  Patrick had been the leader of the little group; tall and skinny with sun-bleached hair, tanned skin and light blue eyes, he was the typical green-peace do-gooder with a heart of gold. His girlfriend Tamsin, petite brunette with caramel skin and deep brown eyes and practical nature was the one who generally stopped Patrick when he started on one of his ‘people are the true animals’ speeches. Raven had a feeling that Patrick and BB would get along just fine. Jerry, average height and muscular with dark brown skin, hair and eyes, had decided to return to the country of his birth to try and help the people who still called it home. Derek, tall and fit with light brown hair, grey eyes and tanned skin, was there as part of his degree in Environmental Studies. To say the four were shocked to not only meet a superhero in the flesh, but on her own going from village to village using her powers to heal the sick and injured would be an understatement. Once they had gotten over the shock, the five of them had become fast friends.

Rae could still remember nights spent near the campfire, not for warmth but to try and keep predators at bay, each telling stories of their life back home or tales from similar travels abroad. Rae was fascinated with their normal lives, while they were hanging on her every word when she told stories of previous missions, or the rigorous training Nightwing insisted on, and generally what superheros were really like when they were ‘off duty’. They seemed disapointed that their off duty hours were spent in a similar fashion to their own: hanging out with friends, catching up on late homework and trying to have some semblance of a social life. She could still remember their cringes when she mentioned Starfire’s love of mustard. “What do you mean on EVERYTHING? How can she stand it?” Tamsin had cringed. Rae had just smiled. “If you had ever had the misfortune of tasting the ‘pudding of sadness’ you might understand. Tamaranean’s have a slightly different palate than we do. It keeps her happy, which is the most important thing.” They had spent many nights this way, and it had been sad when they had to part ways when Rae had run into Rita.

Now it seemed they might have the chance to meet up again, this time a little closer to home.

Hey girl! We just got off our plane and you won’t believe it, we have a stopover for a couple of days in Jump City! Something about a storm front coming through and grounding all flights in and out. You left so suddenly, we guessed that something happened with the team that called you home. Any chance the big not-so-bad superhero could take some time out and hang with some friends today or tomorrow? Text me back ASAP to set it up. –T

The front door opened and closed. Rae glanced up from her phone to watch Dick striding towards the kitchen, his mind obviously elsewhere if he hadn’t even noticed her on the couch.

Ever since BB and Dick had a ‘talk’ and Rae had given him the crystal ball with her and Kori’s conversation, Dick had been quiet. Not that he was mister chatter-box before but now he only communicated in grunts and long and detailed emails. It was getting annoying. Knowing it was probably not a good time, but she was working against the clock, Rae decided to breach the subject before he disappeared into his room for the night.

“Dick, do you have a minute?” It said a lot about where his head was that he reacted to her presence by reaching for his utility belt before realising it was her. “Oh, hey Rae, didn’t see you there. Sure, what’s up?” Rae moved off the couch and joined him in the kitchen. “When I was away, I made a few friends. They have a stopover for a few days and I want to go catch-up with them before they go home.” She knew by the way he was furrowing his brow at her that she probably wouldn’t like what he said next. “Rae, there is a psycho hunting you down for god knows what reason and you want to come out of hiding to go meet up with some friends you met while you were away? What makes you think one of them isn’t working for this guy?” Rae repressed the eye roll at Dick’s paranoia. “Africa is hardly a small country; how would he or she know where to send them when you guys didn’t even know where I was? I’m not giving this weirdo the satisfaction of running scared. If it makes you feel better, I’ll give you their names and you can do a background check.” Dick shook his head and finally relented. “We can arrange a safe place for you to meet your friends but ONLY after I run background checks to make sure they aren’t evil minions who will kidnap you and take you to their master, ok?” Rae nodded solemnly, trying to tamp down the urge to buck the rules and do as she wished, like before this all began. Raven might not really be a rebel, but she was never one to allow someone else to restrict her movements or dictate to her what to do with her life. After so long away it was difficult to let her overprotective family restrict her access to the outside world.

They sound of keys in the lock made Rae’s head jerk towards the front door and try to move lower on the couch so she couldn’t be seen straight away. “He’s on patrol tonight.” Rae straightened and tried to pretend that she had just be stretching, ignoring Dick’s smirk as the front door opened and Kori walked in. Her use of the holo-ring and her outfit suggested she had just been at a shoot as Kori Anders, hottest new model in Jump City. Rae had to admit that the choice of career was perfect for the stunning alien girl, and it wouldn’t look weird for the oldest son of a billionaire to marry a model. It wouldn’t be the first time. Dick had suggested to Kori that, even if she didn’t need the money, having something that was primarily hers and was separate from their superhero lives might help distract her while Rae was gone and everything else was spinning out of their control.  Kori had told Rae it was a relief to have an identity outside the Team, even one that drew about as much attention as her normal Tamaranean appearance.

Rae supressed a chuckle as Dick veered between openly staring and trying to act aloof. If anyone could pull it off, he could. He certainly had enough practice from before he even admitted he liked his fellow Titan. Kori noticed the others in the room, smiled at Raven and nodded at Dick before going up the stair to her room. Rae watched as Dick stared longingly after her before he realised what he was doing and pulled his indifferent mask firmly in place. “You know, without a doubt, how she feels now. How much longer are you going to pussy-foot around before you go to her and sort this thing out?” Rae was usually one to let her friends sort out their own problems by themselves and only gave her opinion when she was asked for it. Since she came back, however, she realised that if someone didn’t knock some sense into Dick, he would keep pushing Star away until she left him. It was his defence mechanism and Rae wasn’t going to sit idly by as her friends broke their own hearts because they were each too scared of rejection.

“It’s not as simple as that Raven. I’m not sure I can be the man she wants me to be. I’m not open about my past, you’ve seen inside my head so you know why I keep people at a distance. She deserves to be with someone who can be completely open and honest with her. Not a broken man who hasn’t moved past his troubled childhood. She deserves better.”

Raven had never heard anything so ridiculous in her life. “First of all, it’s a bit late in the game to be deciding something like that; if you didn’t want to be with her, then you shouldn’t have proposed to her or even dated her in the first place. Second of all, don’t you dare decide for her what she wants. You may think she deserves better but she wants you. As frustrating as you probably are to be with, she had decided that she wants to marry you and it isn’t fair of you to try to decide for her that you shouldn’t be together for her sake. Most of her life has been dictated by other people. She’s a princess, they rarely have a say in anything they get to do. It was only after she came to Earth that she had gotten to make her own decisions so do NOT take that away because you think you know what’s best for her better than she does. It’s disrespectful to her and you should know her and trust her better than that. Finally, the only reason you don’t think you’re the man she wants is because you’re afraid of letting her see you, the real you that no-one else sees, because you think she can’t handle it. She can.

She survived her planet being almost destroyed by the Gordanians. She has survived being traded as a slave to them by Blackfire. She survived losing both of her parents to grief when she was sent to the Citadel. She not only survived, but thrived, on an alien planet where there is no-one who’s like her and whose customs often mystify her. Despite her past, or maybe even because of it, she is one of the strongest people either of us knows. She loves you, Dick. Don’t toss her feeling and wants aside because letting her in is hard. We both know that if she leaves you, it will destroy you. You’d survive but you’d never be the same. You love her more than anyone else on the planet. Now it’s time to have a little faith in her.”

Rae got off the couch and moved past Dick who was staring intently at his feet as Rae went past him. She stopped suddenly and spun towards him, an earlier message from Vic coming to mind. “By the way Vic says that it’s yours and Star’s night to watch the Tower.” Rae paused as Dicks head fell forward into his hands and he groaned. She let a small smirk out before she continued. “I suggest you make use of the privacy and finally have the conversation you have been avoiding while you have the privacy to yell to your hearts content.” With the message delivered, Rae went up to her room to meditate, glad they would be far away when they let their emotions loose.



“You are not the only one who has a past Richard!” Kori had tried to keep her emotions hidden, knowing her fiance usually shut down when she got too emotional in an argument, but they had been fighting too long to keep burying everything she was feeling. He put up his hands as if to placate her, and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes. He never let his emotionless-mask slip, never put his need for control aside for a moment. It frustrated her that even when she felt like their relationship was crumbling around them he always acted as if everything was completely in hand. It made her want to tear her hair out and scream like a Grisnek. She resisted the urge. Barely. Instead she squared off against him and took a deep breath. Enough was enough, they had to sweep the air between them. Only then could they decide whether they could move forward or whether their relationship was beyond repair. 

“I understand why you do not wish to dwell on the painful parts of your past; I have not told you many things either, but that does not change the fact that I know very little about Richard Grayson the person. You have shown me some of the masks you wear; the steadfast leader, the observant detective, the skilled warrior, the devoted student, the compassionate friend. But you never let me see beyond the many faces you show the rest of the world. You keep me at a distance, never lowering the shields you keep in place to protect yourself. All I want is a glimpse, a small part of you that is mine alone that I can keep in my heart where you have so completely taken over. I have given you all I can possibly give when I feel that I know little of the person I have pledged to marry and love forever.”

Dick sighed and ran his hands through his hair roughly, something he only did when facing a puzzle he just couldn’t figure out. Kori took a deep breath, someone needed to begin the discussion. “How about we play 2 truths and a lie then.” Kori’s gaze shot to his. He reached for her hand and led her to the couch. “What is that?” Dick smiled and sat next to her. “It’s an icebreaker used to get to know someone. We went from strangers, to team-mates and friends, to something more, to…what we are now. We never really did the standard getting to know each other things most people do. We focused on learning to fight together as a team instead of learning about each other as people.” Kori snuggled into the couch, watching Dick rub near his eyes where his mask usually sat. “How do we play this game?”

“We each say three statements about ourselves. Two will be true and one will be a lie, it’s the other person’s task to guess which is which. We’ll start off with basic stuff and see how we go, ok?” At her nod he continued.

“I’ll go first:

    1.       I have 2 back up jars of hair gel at all times in our bathroom

    2.       I’d live on pepperoni pizza if I could

    3.       I won a pie eating contest against Wally and Roy.”

Kori giggled “I doubt anyone could beat Wally at any contest where food is involved, even you.” Dick smiled and motioned to her. She bit her lip and continued their game.

    1.       I believe mustard is one of the greatest of Earths creations

    2.       My hair is naturally yellow

    3.       I had feelings for you from the first day we met but was worried I was too different for you to feel the same for me.”

Dick gently picked up her left hand and looked at her as he kissed her palm, then her engagement ring, which made her blush. “I happen to like different, and we both know your hair is naturally that beautiful colour.”

They continued playing, going from favourite movies, bands, missions, team memories, to heavier stuff like their families; including how Dick ended up with Batman in the first place and why Star had been on the way to the Citadel when she crash landed on Earth (he let her get it out even though he had heard some of it already from Galfore), their worst fears for the future and their worries about their relationship. About half way through the game fizzled out and they just talked, something that was usually interrupted by a villain alert or a wayward team-mate looking for some company or trying to kill each other for some imagined slight while Mum and Dad were busy. The sunlight was just beginning to peak over the surface of the lake when they realised they had been up all night talking and hadn’t fought once since they started the game. Not including Star having to stop Dick from hunting down Blackfire, and Dick dissuading Star from taking on what was left of Tony Zucco’s crew who weren’t already in prison or dead.

More or less talked out after 6 hours, Star snuggled into Dicks arms on the couch and drifted off to sleep, happy to finally know some of the things that made Dick who he was and grateful he had finally trusted her enough to let her in. If only just a little.



Part 17- Robstar
I know, more Robstar when this is supposed to be a BBRAE fic and it's only like 5 pages long so that's 2 strikes against me :sad: . I have parts 18-23 mapped out, and by the 25th (which is the next time I'll upload) I'll have finished my 4 exams worth 70% of my final marks. Or in a corner crying and having a mental breakdown, whichever comes first.
As always, enjoy and feel free to comment Heart

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I know I didn't upload last month but that was because, since I was studying for exams, I hadn't finished anything to upload. Good News: I have almost finished part 17 of Nothing Worth Having, and have mapped out up to part 23. I was going to upload part 17 on Friday but then realised the end would be much better after a few more things happened and it has now been moved to part 19. This meant I had to figure out how to finish part 17 or have it only be 3 pages long, which didn't really seem fair. So it WILL be up by the end of today. After I finish my Intro exam.

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